hey there!


My name is Olivia but friends call me Liv! I am your friendly neighbourhood

elder-emo-northern-girl, shooting weddings all across the North West and beyond.

I developed a love for photography as a kid when my Grandad would teach me how to use his cameras, and let me run wild taking snaps of trees and plants, on our weekly hikes in the Lake District, where I was lucky enough to grow up. I have now been a full time photographer for 7 years and I absolutely love it.

When I'm not photographing weddings and fashion shoots I'm either at a gig or exploring the outdoors with a flask of tea. Nothing brings me more joy than reading a good book with a nice coffee. At home you'll find me cooking up a storm and dancing round the kitchen to Taylor Swift. I love to light every candle I own, get cosy, and watch Gilmore Girls or a Studio Ghibli movie for the ten millionth time.

I am a soppy bugger, absolutely LOVE love, am fuelled by romanticism and nostalgia, and, I will 100% cry at your wedding.

Favourite colour - Black 🤟🏼

Favourite food - Pizza or Ramen

Favourite animal - Otters, snails and elephants

Favourite movie - Spirited Away

Favourite book genre - Dark Academia, Horror or natural science non-fiction

Favourite season - Summer into Autumn

Favourite band - Paramore

Favourite place - The Lake District or the beach

Best gig attended - Metallica at a festival in Madrid, or Beyonce, or Paramore.. honestly far too many to choose!

Hobbies - Hiking, travelling, gardening, reading, playing on my Switch or PS5, going to gigs, collecting pebbles and shells, getting tattoos, weight lifting, swimming