Let’s talk about street style photography. It’s fun, a great way to get creative and unique content, and an excellent way to network and meet other industry folk – specifically if you shoot with a professional photographer (oh hi – did I mention I can do this for you? Take a look at my work and get in touch to book me!). If you’re considering doing more shooting out and about in your local city centre, or have just booked your first shoot and are feeling nervous, here are my tips for getting the most out of your experience.


I always ask nervous clients to take a big deep breath in…. and out. Shake those arms out and let yourself relax. Your photos will turn out much more natural this way. You may feel anxious the first couple of times you shoot out in public, which is totally normal, especially if you are in a busy city or town centre, but try to remember you will 99% never see these people again! So if they are staring then who cares!


Always plan your outfits and styling a few days before the shoot date. Try everything on to make sure you are comfortable and feeling confident ready for the day itself. It really helps, from a photographers perspective, to have an idea of where you want to shoot, what style you are after and what you want the outcome to be, so do your research of locations near to where you’ll be meeting and some inspiration for what you want.


Communication with your photographer is vital. A lot of influencers and bloggers out there aren’t pro-models and will need direction – this is totally normal so don’t be nervous to mention this at the start of the shoot, there is no pressure to be posing like a catwalk model (unless you want to of course!). Most photographers will regularly show you the images straight from the back of the camera to make sure you like them, so this is your time to say otherwise.


It’s such a good idea to practise with other blogger friends taking photos for each other, to get you confident in front of the camera. The more you do these shoots, the more you will get used to them! Even asking your partner or family member to take some snaps of you while you’re out will help. The more you practise, the more you will work out what poses work for you and how to achieve them.


The easiest way to get natural-looking images from your street shoots is to keep moving. As your photographer snaps away listen for the shutter clicks, you’ll notice they will be moving around to get different angles every few shots – try to change up something in your pose every few shots too. This can be something as simple as moving your arms, turning your face away from the camera, touching your hair, or shifting your weight from one leg to another. This will allow for gorgeous movement of the clothing, and even your hair, and will give a great variety of final shots.


If posing is daunting for you, it can really help to have accessories with you as part of your look to help you focus. It could be as simple as having a bag to swing, a bunch of flowers to hold, or a hat to tilt. These really come in handy for those who aren’t quite sure what to do with their hands (no pun intended) on shoots. Loop your fingers over your belt, adjust your hat or sip a coffee instead. Another good idea is to use walls, lampposts, tables and chairs to lean or sit on to give some variety to your overall shots at the end.

I know not everyone can afford this, but if you can, definitely treat yourself to a photoshoot with a professional. Do your research first to find someone with the style you like and go for it. You are paying for so much more than good images; you’re getting experience, technical knowledge and insight, plus the comfort of working with someone who knows what they are doing and the satisfaction of helping out a small business owner – what more could you want!

These small tips will hopefully help you reach your top game for content for your blog and gain that coveted confidence in front of the camera. Remember to take a deep breath and just go for it! Over time your images will only get more and more amazing!